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Social psychologist Alice Eagly, professor at Northwestern University, Illinois, told the Daily Mail: "Gone are the days when middle-aged women would adopt skirts of a sensible length, allow grey hair to creep in or take a back seat in public life.

"Today, they’re still working in powerful positions, are financially independent, are adept at holding back the ravages of time — and are often newly single, thanks to divorce.

"Their lives are completely different from granny sitting in her easy chair.

And while she is well aware that there is a double standard when it comes to older women dating younger men, she noted that it is often other women who ask if her suitor is her son or advise her that her relationship won't 'end happy for her'.

Dina said having a relationship with someone who is 45 years older than her is quite similar to being involved with someone her own age, except having an older partner allows her to turn to him for 'life experience-based advice'.

In the construction and rehabilitation period following the Six Day War in 1967, the Burnt House was discovered in a state of ruin and destruction.

Led by the Hebrew University and Israel Antiquities Authority, the house was uncovered and rubble was removed.

The Burnt House The Burnt House is a residential home from the Second Temple period, which was discovered in archeological digs below today's Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The house was destroyed in the great fire that led to the destruction of Jerusalem in the year 70 AD, not to be discovered until almost 2000 years later, when archeologists dug it up in 1970.

"Eventually, she says, it will seem utterly natural for older women to enjoy the social status that was previously reserved for men." And with this increase in power, many middle-aged females will adopt previously ‘male’ behaviours.

According to Eagly, the impact of this could be vast, turning the world on its head and causing women's whole definition of femininity to change.

He has been having a long-distance relationship with a 22-year-old woman based in North Carolina who 'sounds just like Marilyn Monroe' and is 'exceptionally intelligent'. Four people have lifted the lid on what it is like to date partners with a 40 year or more age gap.

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