Nonverbal courtship dating behaviors

In a first experiment, we examined the number of men in the street who smiled at the female confederate.

More smiles were addressed to the confederate with high heels.

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In Study 1, 411 college students reported their preferred courtship-initiating behaviors in hypothetical situations in which their own sexual motivation and their perceptions of a potential partner's sexual intention varied.

The results showed that females' courtship behaviors were influenced only by their own sexual motivation whereas males' behaviors were influenced by both their own sexual motivation and their perception of a potential partner's sexual intent.

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A significant greater number of male and female participants selected the target with high heels as the sexier, the prettier, and the more elegant, with the more attractive legs and buttocks.

The same target was also perceived as the younger person and the photograph that would be preferred by others and the more appropriate for a photo album.

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The findings support the assumption that high heels could act as secondary sexual characteristics that increase the attractiveness of women to men.

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