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Why not join up to meet goths, punks and rockers who share your ideas on the darker side of life. Also please visit our sponsors TIME*BOMB for Goth Punk Rock 'n Roll Clothing and Accessories.

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I missed the proper mods n rockers era but as I was growing up I was into proper bikes not hairdryers, still really admired the customised scooters though, some of the artwork was phenomenal. pretty much everything I was there first time around from 1963 onwards and it was a brill time for the younger generation, we were liberated with freedom, fashion and of course free love lol.

Fashion was the thing for us mods, mini skirts, white tights, shift dresses and of course the obligatory plastic mac!

You did get the odd spot of trouble, but it was usually at gigs when other people came in. Some famous ex punks are Liz Hurley, Kirsty Macall, Simon Le Bon and Kevin Rowland who all started off their musical careers playing in punk bands except for Liz Hurley who was merely a punk fan. I don't know what I was, but the first record I bought myself was Mould Old Dough by Lieutenant Pigeon.

I then went onto Soul, Reggae, Northern Soul, Ska, Punk, Rock and Roll, Glam Rock, Swing, Stirring Classics, Popular Opera, Electronic Music, R & B, House, Dance, but never b Abba (they were crap).

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Punk started to happen - though we didn't call it that at first. Goth started to happen about '78 then too but again never called it that & I never got into it as did many of my mates.

, always wanted one, my brother was a MOD back in Accrington, Lancashire, then in the 80's went to school Disco, wore his Two-Tone suit Class! So I dont know what it makes me, I just know Im not one of those soft as sh! Those wankers too an emblem that was actually worth something and turned it into a disc that means very little!

The Jam playing in the background "this is a Modern World"! And I hate the fcuking music toometal and rock metalica are my fav but love most rock.

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We know there's a lot of you out there that don't fit into the stereotypical dating demographic and that's exactly why we created Goth Punk Scene, to give goths, punks, rockers, emos, vamps plus rockabilly & tattooed dating singles the chance to find love, friendship, romance or even just a "No Strings Attached" good time;) We know that you'll feel welcome here, surrounded by like-minded others who don't fit into the traditional dating mould.

We did laugh though when I came back from a jumble sale with a top I was thrilled with - only to discover she'd given it to the jumble!

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