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The guy who says Josh Duggar used his face on several dating and social media sites -- including Ashley Madison -- is suing the reality star for jacking his image. Mc Carthy was shocked to see his face as the profile pic on several Duggar accounts.

In the lawsuit, Mc Carthy says he was raised in a strong-knit Catholic family ...

Mc Carthy is suing for violation of his publicity and privacy rights, stating in his complaint that he learned of what Duggar had allegedly done through a high school teacher after Ashley Madison got hacked in Aug. Soon, Mc Carthy was also hearing from family members, business partners, friends and strangers.

Mc Carthy says he began receiving harassing messages and that Duggar's use of his photo cost him work.

That’s quite a chain of connections, but a handful of details in the profile make it seem likely — and if it’s him, how he answered some of the questions on the site is quite telling.

The article linked above gives a few reasons the profile matches Josh: the way he describes himself, as a Christian employed in politics, who avoids alcohol and drugs.

On the other hand, the photo is definitely not Josh (though it’s an easily googled image anyone could nab to stay anonymous — it appears to come from ) and he describes himself as a single college graduate — none of which matches the eldest Duggar son.

Looking at the question and answer session used to match date seekers with potential mates, patterns are similar.

Here, the account owner (possibly Duggar) answers numerous questions about how he feels about a wide variety of issues, sexual and otherwise.

It’s not certain that the account is his — discovered the account, which shares a username with an email address associated with an Ashley Madison account that was paid for with a credit card in Josh Duggar’s name and with an address matching his.

The next one is creepy and uncomfortable, but unlike the previous three, not outside the range of the Gothardite beliefs in which Josh was raised.

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